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Alien 2x2 RFID Tag

2x2 RFID Tag

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The Alien ALN-9534 2x2 Tags are general purpose RFID tags optimized for use in item level tagging applications such as apparel and baggage.

Based on Alien's break through Alien H2 UHF RFID IC and a high-performance omni-directional antenna design, the ALN-9534 tag delivers industry leading EPC Gen 2 range and reliability at competitive prices. ALN-9534tags are also global inlay compliant, enabling tags that operate consistently across the diverse frequencies of the Americas, Europe,Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


  • EPC Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
  • Exceptional omni-directional range
  • High-speed programming for seamless manufacturing integration
  • Operates at global frequencies (860-960MHz)
  • Available in high-yield, high-capacity rolls for high-volume converting processes
  • Alien H2 IC

The ALN-9634 offers the best item level performance in Alien's portfolio of Alien H2 powered UHF RFID tags. Other members include: the Squiggle inlay (ALN-9634), Alien's iconic industry best general purpose inlay for use in pallet and case tagging applications; the M inlay (ALN-9554)for high-performance on plastics; and the Squiggle-SQ inlay (ALN-9529)for small item tags. All members of the family are manufactured using Alien's patented Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA) process, which delivers high inlay volumes at low unit costs.

Product Features:

RF Protocol ISO/IEC 18000-6C
EPC Class 1 Gen 2
EPC Memory Size 96 Bits
Access Control 32 Bits
Kill Code 32 Bits
Programming Cycles 10,000 Write Cycles
Worldwide Operating Frequencies 860-960 MHz (US, Europe, Asia, & Japan)
Minimum Inlay Antenna Size 46.9 x 41.8 mm
Leader Length 4,000 +/- 400mm
Interleaf Material Parchment
Number of Inlay Units Per Roll 19,500 +/- 10%
Roll Labeling Data Roll Number, Quantity
Roll Leader & Interleaf Width 114.3 +/- 1.5 mm
Shelf Life 2 Years
Recommended Storage Conditions -25C to +50C
20% to 90% RH
Drop Resistance Per ASTM D5276
RoHs 2002/95/EC Compliant

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