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Intermec Technologies

In today's market, there is no shortage of supply chain technology providers.What's harder to find is a partner you can trust- absolutely - to not only deliver the best-in-class solution for your business needs but to also be there with the expertise and connections to implement your new systems and provide quality support long after. It's that extended scope, a commitment to serve your broader business needs, that makes Intermec different.

Were in the business of helping you achieve the most return from your automated information and data capture (AIDC) and mobile computing systems. That means we do more than design and build the industry's most complete lineup of rugged,reliable and versatile equipment. We also work with you to get inside your challenges, to know your unique situation and then leverage our strong relationships with resellers and industry-leading alliance partners to help you create a total solution that harmonizes with your networks, platforms and processes. Our collaborative, connected approach can ensure a more complete and seamless implementation whether your needs call for our Gen2 RFID, bar code systems, rugged computers or a Cisco WLAN infrastructure.

And we're proud to call the best of the best our alliance partners: Cisco, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft . By integrating our products and services into our partners' premier software and systems, our customers enjoy an unsurpassed level of interoperability,performance and return on investment.

All the right technologies and all the right ideas, brought together for you. With Intermec's industry experts and 40 years of datacapture innovation and experience on your side,you'll be ready to implement your supply chain vision with total confidence.

Intermec Fact Sheet

Intermec began life as Interface Mechanisms in 1966. The Intermec name was adopted in 1982.

Parent company UNOVA, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Delaware on August 13, 1997. The company became Intermec, Inc. on January 1, 2006.

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Approximately 2,400 employees, worldwide.

Corporate Headquarters
6001 36th Avenue West
Everett, Washington 98203-1264, USA
(about 25 miles north of Seattle, WA)
Main Tel: (425) 348-2600
Main Fax: (425) 355-9551

Intermec operates more than 65 offices worldwide, and serves every region of the globe.

Industries Automatic Information Data Capture (AIDC) including bar codingand radio frequency identification (RFID)
Mobile computing and rugged computing
Printer/media systems
Wireless networking
Consulting and services

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