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Metalcraft Universal RFID Hard Tag

Universal RFID Hard Tag

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Metalcraft’s Universal RFID Hard Tag is the ideal harsh environment RFID tag due to its combination of surface independent features of the Universal RFID Asset Tag with an impact-resistant housing that is ultrasonically welded to protect the subsurface printed label and RFID inlay from harsh environments including harmful UV rays. Unlike other Metal Mount RFID Tags, this unique product utilizes a patent-pending inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain excellent read ranges regardless of the surface – metal, plastic or even wood. Affixing methods include mechanical fasteners (standard) and/or adhesive (optional). Perfect for harsh environment RFID asset tracking applications.

>Patent-pending inlay design
> Excellent read range on a variety of surfaces
>Impact-resistant housing protects inlay from UV exposure
>Ultrasonically welded seal protects inlay from caustics/acids
>Digital printing process for clean, crisp logos and designs

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