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Omni-ID 360° Harsh Environment RFID Tag

360°RFID Tag

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The 360° tag meets the needs of pipe and cylinder maintenance and asset tracking applications in industrial markets with the combination of durability, dual-band technology option and flexible tether attachment.

Steel frame, durable encasement designed for permanent identification of assets
Long read rand of up to 9m
Dual band technology option (UHF/HF)
Tether hole attachment Intrinsically safe
Standardized solution capable of being read on all asset types

Improve data collection and communication about assets as they move through the supply chain Decrease time and labor required for inventory audits
Decreased labor costs as a result of improved visibility to location of asset
Streamlined safety compliance and management
Rapid deployment through flexible tether attachment
Maximize ROI

RFID Applications
Omni-ID 360° is ideal in heavy industrial applications for tracking:
Lifting Equipment
Heavy Machinery

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