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Omni-ID Curv RFID Tag for Cylindrical Asset Tagging

Curv RFID Tag

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Introducing a passive UHF RFID cylinder tag with an on-metal read range of up to 19 ft. (6.0m), a durable case design for long life, and an industrial foam adhesive for secure attachment to cylindrical objects.

Small, Flexible Form Factor
The Omni-ID Curv tag is a small and flexible RFID tag for attachment to many sizes and shapes of curved surfaces. Its durable, thermal plastic rubber encasement extends the life of the tag, and withstands rough handling and environmental exposure.

Form Factor: 48.5mm x 38mm x 9.5mm footprint with industrial foam tape adhesive for secure attachment to cylindrical assets.

RFID Tag Read Range
The Curv passive UHF RFID tag, optimized for on-metal performance, is ideal for supply chain management applications, including RTI tagging.

Read range: Up to 6m in the US and Europe, up to 3m in Japan.

RFID Tag Applications
Curv cylinder tags are ideally suited for Returnable Transport Item (RTI) and supply chain management of contoured assets, such as:
Beverage kegs
Gas cylinders
Medical containers
Chemical drums
Waste disposal management

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