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Omni-ID Flex RFID Tag

Flex RFID Tag

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Compact Form Factor for Easy RFID Asset Tagging
This tag's compact form factor is convenient for application to assets with limited surface area such as laptop computers, datacenters, shelf-edge retail warehouse racks or other equipment requiring low-profile RFID tags. The Flex UHF RFID tag is available in two form factors:
Printed label finish: 77mm x 15mm x 2.8mm footprint with adhesive backing for easy attachment directly to assets
Rigid case: 100mm x 21mm x 7.2mm footprint with adhesive backing; suitable for use in applications that require weather-resistant, durable tags that can withstand moist environments

Ultimate reliability and accuracy on any material in any environment
Optimized to perform equally well both on, off, and near metal
Best-in-class RFID read performance-to-size ratio
Supplied with a printed label finish or rigid case
240 bit EPCglobal Class-1 Gen2-compliant Silicon
Ideal for IT inventory management or location monitoring of high-value metal or liquid assets

RFID Tag Applications
With their mid-range read distance and intermediate size, Flex tags provide the flexibility of a longer read range while maintaining a smaller tag footprint. Flex tags are ideal for:

  • Laptops
  • Datacenter servers, blades and routers
  • Pallets, carts and tools
  • Construction helmets
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Returnable Transport Items

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