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Omni-ID Max RFID Tag

Max RFID Tag

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Max RFID tags are available in a wide selection of form factors, depending on application requirements. Omni-ID Max® tags include:

Max - A surprisingly small, high-performance passive UHF RFID tag for indoor or outdoor environments, depending on encasement option. The Max tag is available in a printed label finish with adhesive
backing for easy and direct attachment to assets. Max high performance tags are ideal for:

  • Stillages
  • Reusable conveyance tracking
  • Returnable Transport Items

Max SQ - A unique combination of global functionality, robust construction, and outstanding performance-to-size ratio. Ideal for applications that require durability and long read range, with limited surface area. The Max SQ is available in a polycarbonate finish and can be mounted easily on any metallic surface manually or with industrial foam adhesive. With a long read range and small footprint, the Max SQ offers outstanding performance-to-size ratio, ideal for:

  • Returnable Transport Items (RTI)
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Conveyance Tracking
  • Warehouse Racks and Storage

Max HD - The most durable and high performing Max tag offers excellent read ranges globally, ideal for the most challenging asset tracking and management applications. Max HD offers the choice of a rigid ABS encasement or rugged polycarbonate case for all-weather exposure. Foam adhesive or manual attachment options are available. With an excellent read range across all geographic regions and durable, high heat resistant encasement, the Max HD is best suited to outdoor applications, including:

  • Cargo tracking and security
  • Airline unit load devices
  • Military equipment
  • Automotive conveyances
  • Heavy machinery
  • Returnable Transport Items (including harsh environments)

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