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Omni-ID Pipe RFID Tag

Pipe RFID Tag

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The Omni-ID Pipe tag is a long-range, durable passive RFID tag designed to address the rigors of pipe and cylinder storage and transport.

Limited life tag for use on assets with high turnover
Long read range of up to 15m
Removable strap for temporary attachment
Low cost of entry
Intrinsically safe
Extreme impact resistance
Enhanced antenna sensitivity

Improved real-time information about movement of hard-to-locate inventory
Decreased time required for asset identification
Increase visibility to location of assets
Maximize ROI and decrease complexity of tagging pipes
Immune to typical damage in pipe yards such as pipe collision and rolling

RFID Tag Applications
The Omni-ID Pipe was specifically designed for pipe and cylinder storage and management. Pipe tags are ideal for:
Drill Pipes
Large cylindrical assets

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