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Omni-ID Solo RFID Tag

Solo RFID Tag

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Our Single Use, Durable RFID Tag Designed for Harsh Environments
Until now, there hasn't been a fully serviceable, durable outdoor RFID tag available on the market for applications of limited duration. Building on its patented technology, Omni-ID once again delivers an industry first with the Omni-ID Solo tag.

RFID Tag Applications
The Omni-ID Solo provides a more affordable solution for single-use or limited duration applications, such as open-loop RTI tracking. Designed for the oil industry by the oil industry, the Solo is ideal for:
Iso Containers
Metal Baskets
Lifting Frames
Pipe Racks

Durable tag for single use
Long read range of up to 15m
Standardized solution capable of being read on all asset types
Rapid deployment options
Low cost of entry
Intrinsically safe
Fully serviceable

Improve real-time information about assets as they move through the supply chain
Decrease time required for asset audits
Increase visibility to location of assets
Decrease complexity of deployment
Maximize ROI

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