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Omni-ID Ultra Long Range RFID Tag

Ultra RFID Tag

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Omni-ID presents the broadband performance of an active tag in a passive UHF RFID tag.

Ultra Long Read Range
Until now, global and reliable performance at long distances or high speeds required semi-passive or active tag technology. Building on its patented tag design and adding superior antenna technology, Omni-ID once again delivers an industry first with the 100-ft plus read range Ultra tag. Global read range of up to 115ft (35m) Performs equally well on, off, or near metals Reliable read range on metal and in wet weather Passive technology; no battery required.

Rugged Form Factor
The Ultra passive UHF RFID tag was designed to endure adverse conditions such as rough handling, weather, and temperature changes.
Rugged polycarbonate case for all-weather exposure
Durable substrate material for the permanent identification of assets
Low profile form factor (210mm x 110mm x 20.8mm)

RFID Tag Applications
With its breakthrough read distance, the Ultra passive UHF RFID tag provides a more affordable solution for applications which previously required active tags:
Automotive tracking and security
Military asset tracking
Cargo and container tracking
Transportation and logistics
Airline unit load devices
Construction and heavy machinery

Longest global read performance of any passive UHF RFID tag by a significant margin
Broadband RFID tag for global performance
Rigid ABS or Polycarbonate encasement options
512 bit memory capacity 240 bit EPCglobal Class-1 Gen2-compliant Silicon
Foam adhesive or manual adherence options Ideal for security, inventory control or location monitoring of containers, vehicles, equipment, or any large high-value assets that are moved across geographies and are subject to prolonged harsh environmental conditions

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