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  • Alien

    Alien Technology provides UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services to customers in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, defense, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Alien's products include RFID tags, RFID readers and related training and professional services.

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  • Confidex

    Confidex designs special UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 RFID tags for applications where standard RFID labels are not suitable. With a decade of experience in RFID, Confidex offers unparalleled solutions covering RFID product design, manufacturing and system engineering for applications in which high volume delivery capability, cost and field performance are needed. The Confidex team has wide industrial experience in the RFID sector. Building global presence and market leadership into the EPC tag supply chain, Confidex brings a unique combination of world-leading RFID tag design competence, RF engineering and manufacturing experience

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  • Impinj

    mpinj, Inc. is the world’s leading innovator in developing UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions for both item-level and supply-chain tagging. Impinj draws on its technical expertise and industry partnerships to deliver a wide range of products and solutions, comprising high-performance tag chips, readers, reader chips, software, antennas and systems integration. Impinj’s products provide unprecedented performance, integration and cost effectiveness to a global customer base across numerous vertical markets with applications including inventory management, asset tracking, authentication and serialization

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  • Intermec

    Intermec Inc. builds the industry's most complete lineup of rugged, reliable and versatile equipment. Our collaborative, connected approach can ensure a more complete and seamless implementation whether your needs call for our Gen2 RFID, bar code systems, rugged computers or a Cisco WLAN infrastructure.

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  • Invengo

    Invengo offers High Quality (ISO-9001) low cost RFID, UHF, HF passive RFID tags, RFID inlays, smart cards, and RFID readers, at global frequencies.

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  • Metalcraft

    Metalcraft RFID labels cover a wide range of asset tracking applications as well as RFID windshield and rearview mirror tags for vehicle and access control applications with ROI generating results. In addition, Metalcraft’s state-of-the-art RFID converting capabilities allow for customized solutions for any application.

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  • Motorola

    Motorola, The Enterprise Mobility Company™, is a recognized worldwide leader in delivering products and solutions that capture, move and manage information in real time to and from the point of business activity. Motorola, enterprise mobility solutions integrate advanced data capture technology, mobile computing platforms, wireless infrastructure, mobility software and Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services. Motorola's end-to-end, real-time enterprise mobility solutions are proven to increase workforce productivity, reduce operating costs, drive operational efficiencies and uncover competitive advantages. Motorola, is a trusted advisor to the world's leading retailers, transportation and logistics companies, manufacturers, public sector and government agencies, as well as healthcare, hospitality and security providers.

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  • Omni-ID

    Omni-ID is the leading supplier of passive, low profile UHF RFID solutions. Omni-ID’s patent-pending technology enables a broad range of new applications to improve asset tracking, supply chain management and work-in-process. Omni-ID’s family of versatile RFID tags works reliably in the harshest environments, including on, off, and near metal and liquids, and excels in solving tracking and identification challenges with unprecedented accuracy.

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    SMARTRAC is the world's leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products and services, providing both ready-made and customized products and services suitable for a large number of applications. SMARTRAC makes products smart, and enables businesses to identify, authenticate, track and complement product offerings. The company's portfolio is used in a wide array of applications: access control, animal identification, automated fare collection, automotive, border control, contactless payment, electronic product identification, industry, libraries and media management, laundry, logistics,retail, public transport, and many more. Leveraging its global R&D,production and sales network, SMARTRAC's solutions combine physical products with digitally based services to empower the ecosystem of connected things.SMARTRAC has its registered headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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  • WaveTrend

    Mission Statement:
    To be the leading solution provider for the tracking, management and control of assets, people and vehicles.

    Our commitment to our customers, strategic partners and industry analysts:
    1. We will be a trusted, forward-thinking, innovative technology company that provides solutions that are integral to the development and deployment of track and trace solutions worldwide.
    2. We will continue to aspire to be the company where great people do great things; where all our employees are 100% engaged in our business. We will be an attractor of top talent. Our employees will be part of a dedicated, inspired and trusted team.
    3. We will be seen as a company that has concise routes to market, compelling products, outstanding professional services, and global network of accredited channel partners.
    4. We will be operationally excellent and efficient from manufacturing to all of our internal functions and controls.

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  • Zebra

    Zebra Technologies Corporation, delivers innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions for business improvement and security applications in 100 countries around the world. More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Zebra-brand printers. A broad range of applications benefit from Zebra-brand thermal bar code, "smart" label, receipt, and card printers, resulting in enhanced security, increased productivity, improved quality, lower costs, and better customer service. The company has sold more than four million printers, including RFID printer/encoders and wireless mobile solutions, and also offers software, connectivity solutions and printing supplies.

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