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Invengo Gen2 Monza4QT Apparel Tag with 3D and Privacy Controls

Monza4QT Apparel Tag

Part of the Invengo Monza4 family of tags, labels and inlays, the XC-TF8024-C06 introduces True 3D omni-directional technology, allowing the tag to be read from any angle, and eliminating blind spots, missed reads and the need for multiple reader antenna arrays. Privacy controls allow for two data profiles; one public, and one private. The data stored in the private profile is protected by a password and may only be accessed at very short distances. This allows confidentiality of business sensitive data, while assuring consumer privacy.y -17dbm sensitivity allows for the tags to read across exit door areas and brings real EAS applications to RFID. High sensitivity also allows for reading of documents when they are packed in tight stacks. The Impinj Monza4 chip brings added memory with 128 bit EPC, 512 bits of User Memory, and a 48 bit serialized TID.

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